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Ready, Steady, Cook

Over the last few weeks, Year 6 have taken part in the Young Chef of the Year programme. So, John Torode and Gregg Wallace, look out, there’s a new MasterChef in town!

Since starting the programme, the children have been busy learning all about nutrition, diet and food hygiene. The children had the opportunity to design a menu from the ‘No Kitchen Cookery for Primary Schools’ cookbook by Katharine Tate.

However, not having a kitchen doesn’t stop the children at St Matthew’s. We went a little bit further and decided to make pizzas as part of our main course. We started with a colourful and vibrant rainbow salad which allowed us to explore all the different vegetables we have the opportunity to eat. The salad allowed the children to develop cutting and chopping skills under careful monitoring by the school staff to avoid any injuries.

For the main course, the children made an authentic Sicilian pizza base from scratch. Leaving it to prove for a few hours and then in the afternoon rolling it out and putting lots of yummy toppings, again practising those useful chopping and cutting skills.

A big thank you to Jackie (our school cook) for allowing the year group to use the school ovens to cook our amazing pizzas and to Mrs Choudhury for monitoring all our pizzas and making sure they were all cooked to perfection.

Then for dessert, the children made a refreshing fruity smoothie. Perfect for this warm weather.

All the children and staff had a fantastic time cooking and exploring the vast variety of foods available to use. So parents, put your feet up at home.  The kids are making dinner!

Wish you were here ….

On 7th June, the Year 6 children waved an excited goodbye to their parents and went on the long-awaited journey to PGL Residential Complex in Swindon for the weekend.

The children took part in many thrill-seeking, adrenaline-pumping and nerve-testing activities throughout the weekend. Prior moments of boasting and bravado were put to the test by both the children and the teachers alike.

The Year group arrived around 5pm at the PGL site and were welcomed by our fantastic host, Caleb. His organisation definitely challenged that of our own Mr Bell, who does love a good plan!

We were assigned to our dorms with en-suite bathrooms, if you don’t mind! Living it up in style!! After unpacking, we were quickly whisked away to the dining hall, where we were never left disappointed with the quality and choice of food on offer for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

After dinner on the first evening, we were assigned different activities within our groups and tried our best to duck in and out of the rain. Mr Bell’s fantastic organising skills definitely helped with keeping the children occupied with a varied itinerary of activities when the weather tried to alter our plans. On one of the activities, we discovered who really was the best at monkey business. No names shall be mentioned … Miss Gavin!!!

Activities ran late into the evening and soon we were all ready for a good rest. After all, we had to be up at 7am for breakfast. I can still hear the tired groans from the teachers!

Over the two days, the children had a go on the adventure playground, a giant swing, zip-wire, climbing wall, bounced on the aeroball course, paddled on the lakes in canoes, built rafts and shared their dance moves at the pyjama disco. There definitely were a few Dancing Queens on the dance floor. If you don’t believe that we did all this, then just take a look at the pictures!

Every child gave 100% to every activity. Memories were definitely made. It’s clear to see why the PGL residential is a firm favourite in the St Matthew’s calendar.

Goodbye Planet Earth

Our learning unit Goodbye Planet Earth has come to an end. Don’t worry, this Earth is still in one piece and isn’t going anywhere just yet, because we have a new set of Earth Warriors who have learnt how to combat environmental destruction and how to protect the planet through recycling. (Apologies, parents, if you get some nagging for not putting out the green bin!)
We have master recyclers in every class now! No more waste at St Matthew’s!

Not only are we now environmental warriors but we are very health savvy too! (TEACHERS — PUT DOWN THOSE FIZZY DRINKS!)

We have learnt about our diets, our bodily functions and organs, in particular the heart. Some children were even lucky enough to re-enact an episode of Holby City and become cardiovascular surgeons for the afternoon by dissecting a lamb’s heart with St Matthew’s very own Chief of Surgery, Dr Bell in attendance.

Have a look at some of the pictures which capture some of the scientific fun that has taken place so far this term. Be warned — they aren’t for the faint-hearted!

In History, we have been learning about the Mayan civilisation. The children were very pleased and thankful to hear that the Mayans discovered chocolate. Mind you, I think some of the teachers might have a Mayan-sized stash in their cupboards. No names to be mentioned just yet!!

The children researched and studied the Mayans in details and have become expert anthropologists and know all about the Mayan culture, religion, writings, sports and astrology. The Mayans weren’t a particularly charming people, they did enjoy predicting the destruction of our beautiful Earth. Thankfully, their mathematics was a little off. We are still here to tell the tale.

So check out our learning. If you find something interesting, leave us a comment or if you know something about the Mayans that we haven’t discovered. Please let us know. Our research and learning is never done!

Another one bites the dust!

The lyrics from the Queen song, Another One Bites the Dust, spring to mind for this week’s TT Rockstars update!

The scores are sky rocketing upwards in Time Tables Rockstars in Year 6. Every child in the year group has been practising hard at home and in school. This week’s current results speak from themselves. There has been a lot of movement and the top four in every class is changing.

Have a look for yourself!

TT Rockstars Weekly Update

Hate Crime Assembly

This week the Year 6 children were visited by Laura Chalmers, who is the Community Safety Officer, working in the Priority Anti-Social Behaviour Team at Luton Police Station. She had a very strong message for all the children about the different times of hate crime that can exist in our communities and why those crimes can occur.

She encouraged the children as the next generation in our society to help prevent / eradicate hate crime and should they ever become a victim of a hate crime,  how it can be reported or how they could support a friend or family member in reporting a hate crime.

The children were shown an extremely powerful and thought provoking video titled – I am not black.

Watch the video using the link below. I think you’ll find it will make you think just as it made us think how easy it can be to see people differently just at a first glance.

“Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.”
Joseph Fort Newton