Water Fun!

The traditional Annual Year 6 v Staff Football Match could not take place this year, but the children who returned to school for the second half of the summer term after lockdown restrictions were lifted have definitely set a precedent for the future with water fun on the last day of term. Maybe next year we should combine the two events — a football match with water-based tackles and fouls? You can tell by the smiles on their faces that the children enjoyed soaking each other – but the best part was seeing their teachers absolutely drenched at the end of the battle.

Time To Move On

High School Transition

Good afternoon Year 6!

We have been receiving lots of important information and documents from your allocated high schools recently. Please check the transition page regularly so that you do not miss out on key messages.

Many of the schools have sent through activities which need to be completed before you attend in September, all being well. If you have activities to complete please make sure that you write your full name and primary school on each piece of work. 

I hope that you all have watched the video messages that have been sent through to you  from some very well known authors and sports personalities. There may even be a few more – so again keep checking!!.

Please post your opinions or any questions that you have in the comments section of the transition page and we will try our best to answer them.

Welcome to the Year 6 Blog!

Dear Year 6,

We understand that there are many things we cannot control and appreciate your understanding, patience and continued efforts. 

Your teachers will be setting you homework for different subjects over the next few weeks. Please make sure you complete tasks by the due dates as this will prepare you for Year 7 and future studies.

My Maths can be found HERE.

Purple Mash can be found HERE & How to log in to Purple Mash HERE.

Please note that we are in the early stages of setting online learning so do and attempt what you can.

Parents, if you would like to send us some pictures or videos of what you’ve been doing at home then we’d love to see them! You can email us at stmpstudio@gmail.com and we may be able to share some of it here on the blog!

Best wishes.

The Year 6 Team.1newyearquote

Goodie Bag Collection

For those of you who have ordered goodie bags/t-shirts for the end of year, remember that these are being collected tomorrow (Wednesday) at the following times:

12:00 Eagle

12:30 Orchid

1:00 Oak

1:30 Wolf 

All from the Cobden Street playground gate. Children in school will be given theirs during the school day.

Your final week!

Well Year 6, can you believe it’s your final week at St. Matthew’s!

We look forward to possibly seeing some of you this week. 

The children in school are completing some topic lessons this week and also completing their transition activities in preparation for moving on to high school. They will also be taking some time to enjoy their last week of term.

If you are still learning from home then here is a list of activities that you can complete this week:

  • Visit BBC transition to high school  for some videos about starting in Year 7. Also take a look at the transition page along the top of this blog. Have you had a look at all the information on there?
  • Visit your high school website and do a little research
  • Look back at Mr Kirkpatrick’s list of transition activities from last week. Did you complete them all?
  • Take a walk with your family to your high school. Do you know the route? It’s worth trying this out before September!
  • Visit BBC Bitesize for hundreds of free lessons in all subjects.
  • Visit Oak National Academy for a range of lessons and videos.
  • Look back at previous blog posts. Have you completed all these activities? If not, maybe try them out now!
  • Visit My Maths and Purple Mash – Mr Bell is setting some new tasks.
  • Do some reading for pleasure. Pick up a favourite book and dive in!

And for a bit of fun…..

  • The weather is supposed to be nice this week so get outside and enjoy yourself! Take a walk, kick a football around, complete a Joe Wicks workout in your garden. Maybe even get out the paddling pool!
  • Play some games with your family.
  • Try out one of our blog recipes again….. here are some of the most popular ones…
    jaffa cakes
  • Create a quiz for your family to complete. Are they all as brainy as you?
  • Create a time capsule of your time during lock down. You could include a diary entry, a photo, something you’ve made. Put it somewhere in your house to open up one day and reminisce.

Keep checking back on the blog as there’ll be some important messages going up on here.  

Enjoy your final week of term,

Mrs Bardon, Mr Bell, Mr Kirkpatrick, Mrs Ahmed, Mr Patterson and Mrs Sammon


Feedback on Writing

Good morning Year 6. Mr Green is very busy this week so instead of making a feedback video for you all, I’m making a blog post instead.

Well done for all your hard work last week with your discussion texts. Your teachers tell me that you really got into the debate on whether we should colonise another planet or try and make changes to save Earth. 

They also emailed me some of your writing to read, so here is some feedback:

Mixed Bubble:  Beautiful presentation! I’m glad to see nobody in here has forgotten their handwriting skills! I also loved the powerful adjectives your chose to use at the beginning. Lovely illustrations Hafsa and Zuzanna.

Orchid Bubbles: Great use of rhetorical questions – these really got me thinking! I was also impressed with your use of the conjunctions I had given you. These really sequenced your work.

Eagle Bubble: Very colourful work! Everest I liked your quotes. Again some great conjunctions were used to link together your ideas. Well done. I enjoyed reading these.

Oak Bubbles: More fantastic handwriting from these bubbles. Very neat presentation – your Year 7 teachers will be pleased to see this! Excellent use of commas for subordinate clauses in these bubbles. Well done everyone!

Wolf Bubble: Again very colourful presentation. I thought all of your introductions were really strong. They really made me want to read on. Good use of questions and some fantastic vocabulary choices!

Keep up the good work Year 6! 

Mrs Bardon

Transition Week – 6/7/20

TransitionAs you know, you are coming to the end of your time at St Matthew’s and, even though this can be a sad time for a lot of you, it also means many new and exciting opportunities up ahead. However, having been through this all ourselves, your teachers know how scary the jump can be and so we thought it would be a good idea to give you some activities to help you start to think a little bit more about the move up to high school. Therefore, this week, we have put together a pack of activities to help you think about transition up to your new school. We have also included some Maths, Reading and Writing work for you to complete throughout the week too so have a go at that once you finish the transition activities. We will NOT be uploading work daily this week as it is all listed below so DON’T think you have to complete it all in one go…spread it out! 🙂

Transition Activities:

1. Dare to Take Risks

2. Reading a Timetable

3. Self-Portrait

4. Making the Change

5. Positive Vibes

6. Do Some Digging

7. Friendships and Fallouts

8. Column of Advice

9. Living Well

10. Sports & Healthy Eating


1. Formulae Concept Cartoons

2. Additional Challenge Cards

3. Vedic Squares PPT

4. Vedic Squares Activity


1. Inference Images

2. Moana – How Far I’ll Go – Comprehension


English 6.7.20

Letter planning grid


Friday 3rd July


Foundation Friday

Today, for your home learning tasks, we are asking you to design your very own summer music festival! You will be dipping into lots of skills you may usually use in your foundation subjects – such as Art and Design, Music and DT – but you will also need to use some of your English and Maths knowledge to help you.

Most importantly – we want you to have fun with it! We would love to see your finished festival plans, so remember to email them to your class teacher on the email addresses you have been given. Happy planning!

NB: Although some of the slides on the PowerPoint ask you to work in groups, we are obviously expecting you to work alone on this project

Task 1: Planning your festival 

Read through the PowerPoint below and then use the attached document to plan out your festival. You will also need some paper and a pen to jot down your ideas.

Planning your festival

Summer Music Site Plan

Task 2: Advertising your festival and designing your artwork

Read through the PowerPoint below and then use the attached documents to help you design your artwork and logos for your music festival. You will also need plain paper and colouring pens or pencils to design your poster.

Artwork and Advertising

Summer Music Festival Design



Urgent – Please read!

downloadThis is a last reminder / call for all memories,profile photos and ambitions to be included in the Year 6 Yearbook!

If you haven’t done so already, please complete your memory  (30 word limit) and ambition (30 word limit) and email it to stmpstudio@gmail.com ASAP. If you haven’t sent in your profile picture, this needs to be done immediately too.

If possible, your profile picture should be taken of you wearing your uniform please. Instructions on how to take and submit these were sent in the parentmail message that went out so please ask your parents/carers to check there for further info.
This must all be done by tomorrow afternoon (Thursday 2nd July) at the very latest – failure to submit in time will mean it won’t be able to be included!