Goodbye Planet Earth

Our learning unit Goodbye Planet Earth has come to an end. Don’t worry, this Earth is still in one piece and isn’t going anywhere just yet, because we have a new set of Earth Warriors who have learnt how to combat environmental destruction and how to protect the planet through recycling. (Apologies, parents, if you get some nagging for not putting out the green bin!)
We have master recyclers in every class now! No more waste at St Matthew’s!

Not only are we now environmental warriors but we are very health savvy too! (TEACHERS — PUT DOWN THOSE FIZZY DRINKS!)

We have learnt about our diets, our bodily functions and organs, in particular the heart. Some children were even lucky enough to re-enact an episode of Holby City and become cardiovascular surgeons for the afternoon by dissecting a lamb’s heart with St Matthew’s very own Chief of Surgery, Dr Bell in attendance.

Have a look at some of the pictures which capture some of the scientific fun that has taken place so far this term. Be warned — they aren’t for the faint-hearted!

In History, we have been learning about the Mayan civilisation. The children were very pleased and thankful to hear that the Mayans discovered chocolate. Mind you, I think some of the teachers might have a Mayan-sized stash in their cupboards. No names to be mentioned just yet!!

The children researched and studied the Mayans in details and have become expert anthropologists and know all about the Mayan culture, religion, writings, sports and astrology. The Mayans weren’t a particularly charming people, they did enjoy predicting the destruction of our beautiful Earth. Thankfully, their mathematics was a little off. We are still here to tell the tale.

So check out our learning. If you find something interesting, leave us a comment or if you know something about the Mayans that we haven’t discovered. Please let us know. Our research and learning is never done!

Another one bites the dust!

The lyrics from the Queen song, Another One Bites the Dust, spring to mind for this week’s TT Rockstars update!

The scores are sky rocketing upwards in Time Tables Rockstars in Year 6. Every child in the year group has been practising hard at home and in school. This week’s current results speak from themselves. There has been a lot of movement and the top four in every class is changing.

Have a look for yourself!

TT Rockstars Weekly Update

Hate Crime Assembly

This week the Year 6 children were visited by Laura Chalmers, who is the Community Safety Officer, working in the Priority Anti-Social Behaviour Team at Luton Police Station. She had a very strong message for all the children about the different times of hate crime that can exist in our communities and why those crimes can occur.

She encouraged the children as the next generation in our society to help prevent / eradicate hate crime and should they ever become a victim of a hate crime,  how it can be reported or how they could support a friend or family member in reporting a hate crime.

The children were shown an extremely powerful and thought provoking video titled – I am not black.

Watch the video using the link below. I think you’ll find it will make you think just as it made us think how easy it can be to see people differently just at a first glance.

“Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.”
Joseph Fort Newton

World Book Day!

Kung Fu Kylie

What a fun day it has been! World Book Day never disappoints. Today, the children have seen some of their favourite literary characters walking the corridors of St Matthews’.

Thankfully, the Year 6’s character, Kung Fu Kylie didn’t appear in person, as the teachers may have feared for their safety. Kung Fu Kylie, as you can tell by the name enjoys distributing pain to those who cross her path with her fantastic Kung Fu skills. No one was safe! That is until SUPER RAJ came to the rescue for the frantic towns folk of Dollop!

The children have explored this brilliant story in lots of different ways today and watched their learning come alive whether it was role plays with Mr Patterson, finding and matching words with Mrs Ahmed, making their own Kung Fu costumes with Mr Bell or designing their own interactive comic strips with Mr Kirkpatrick.

The children delved into the story from many different angles and looked from the different perspectives of the characters in the story. I think you’ll agree from the photos below that the children had a ‘whale’ of a time.

Reading can be fun!! What’s your next book going to be that will send your imagination soaring?