I wanna be a Rockstar!!

Times Tables Rockstar is still causing a stir at St Matthews and especially in Year 6.

Click the link below to see an update on the top four scorers of each Year 6 class. The number of Rock Stars is growing.

Keep checking the Year 6 blog regularly for updates on how the children are getting on and see who are the weekly headliners.

TT Rockstars Weekly Review


World Book Day!

Kung Fu Kylie

What a fun day it has been! World Book Day never disappoints. Today, the children have seen some of their favourite literary characters walking the corridors of St Matthews’.

Thankfully, the Year 6’s character, Kung Fu Kylie didn’t appear in person, as the teachers may have feared for their safety. Kung Fu Kylie, as you can tell by the name enjoys distributing pain to those who cross her path with her fantastic Kung Fu skills. No one was safe! That is until SUPER RAJ came to the rescue for the frantic towns folk of Dollop!

The children have explored this brilliant story in lots of different ways today and watched their learning come alive whether it was role plays with Mr Patterson, finding and matching words with Mrs Ahmed, making their own Kung Fu costumes with Mr Bell or designing their own interactive comic strips with Mr Kirkpatrick.

The children delved into the story from many different angles and looked from the different perspectives of the characters in the story. I think you’ll agree from the photos below that the children had a ‘whale’ of a time.

Reading can be fun!! What’s your next book going to be that will send your imagination soaring?




All in a day’s work!

The Year 6 children have been working hard this term in a variety of different subject areas.

In Science, the children have been learning all about the body, in particular the importance of a balanced diet and why we shouldn’t rely on one food group as our main source of nutrition. If we do this, problems can occur which may make us rather sick. The children have been learning about the ailments of the past that were discovered / cured by scientists who studied the body and the nutrition it needs. Have a look at our explanations of the importance of Vitamin C in the body, but also not taking too much, as certain problems can occur. Ask a pirate, if you don’t believe me!


In History, the children have been looking at the Mayan Civilisation and their story from thriving to being overthrown by the Spanish Conquistadors led by Herman Cortez. The children have been learning about the life of a Mayan, what they wore, what work they did, their different inventions. A lot of the children were thankful that the Mayan’s existed as they did after all invent CHOCOLATE!! Have a read at the children’s diaries written from the perspective of a Spanish Conquistador after they discovered a forgotten Mayan settlement buried deep in the Mesoamerican jungle.


In Geography, we’ve been thinking green! Our topic in geography is called ‘Goodbye Planet Earth’ and we definitely don’t want to say goodbye to the Earth just yet. So the children have been learning about the environment and climate change and the impact that climate change is having on the Earth. With all the impacts often being negative and linked with pollution and fossil fuels. The Year 6 pupils have been learning how to try and prevent further pollution and destruction of the Earth’s different biomes in order to protect the species of animals and plants that live in these unique places. Have a look at the children’s explanations of the Greenhouse Effect and how it impacts climate change.

We’re SPAG-tacular Readers!

In Year 6, we have been working hard in our SETs every morning to develop our skills in SPAG and Reading for the upcoming SATs tests.

With Mr Bell, the children have been revising their knowledge of correct punctuation and spelling. The spelling police are on the lookout for any punctuation criminals!! The children have also been learning about the different word classes there are in the English language. The word classes are: verb, noun, adjective, adverb, preposition, pronoun, conjunction.

The children practiced using these different word classes in a variety of different sentence formations and as always remembered their punctuation.

With Mrs Ahmed, the children have been focusing on inference when reading an unfamiliar text. An inference is an idea or conclusion that’s drawn from evidence and reasoning.

Or an inference can also been known as an educated guess. We learn about some things by experiencing them first-hand, but we gain other knowledge by inference — the process of inferring things based on what is already known. Therefore, when we read an unfamiliar text we try to infer as much about the story as we can from just the short extract that we are given.

Keep visiting our blog to find out more about we are learning each week in preparation for our SATs.

We’re on the edge of Glory!!

Times Tables Rockstars have become an overnight sensation! Time table scores are soaring off the charts!!!

Lots of children in Year 6 have been working hard to improve their scores and become the first ‘Rock Hero’ in the year group. The children have also been keeping the teachers busy with challenging their own mental arithmetic. As ever it does get rather competitive.

Have a look at the link below to see our current list of ‘Rock Legends’ across the year group.

Times Table Rockstars Current Top scorers


Look what the SATs dragged in!!

Royal mail has been busy delivering new books to Year 6 in preparation for the upcoming SATs tests.

Each Year 6 pupil, will now take home a Reasoning and Reading SATs workbook to be completed for their weekly homework tasks. The homework tasks should be completed and returned every Wednesday. These tasks will then be reviewed every Friday in class by the Year 6 teachers.

Parents: The Year 6 team would kindly ask that you remove the answer section in each of these books and keep these on hand for your own information when supporting your child with their homework.


That’s not all ….

We have also received workbooks for English (including SPAG) and Maths (Arithmetic & Reasoning) that the teachers will use to deepen the children’s learning and provide opportunities to revise areas in each of these subjects that the children are finding difficult.




Buzzing about Spelling!

Are you a Super Speller? Do you enjoy a challenge? Then this could be the challenge for you!!

The children will be given a sheet of 100 spellings to practise throughout the term . Every Friday, the Year 6 teachers will choose 10 words at random from the Spelling Bee sheet to test the children’s knowledge.

Which class will be triumphant? Which child can be the winner?


Follow the Year 6 blog to find out each week using the link below:


Challenge: Have a look at the list yourself … how many can you get right in 10 minutes?


Spelling Bee